Half Asleep

2008-01-30 17:00:55 (ID: 44, Parent: 37, Type: page)
Title : Half asleep
Author : Pascale Picard
Album : Me Myself and Us
From : forum101
Intro : D - C - G - A (2X)

D                     C
The world's not gonna end
G                      A
I made this promise to me
D              C               G
Repeating to myself 12 times a day
Nobody loves no one, anyway
C                D
But someone is still crying
G           A
In a corner of my head
C                        D
& if you belive me when I say I'm alright

C - D

D                  C
This week is gonna end
G                    A
Make this promise to me
D          C
Calling me 12 times a day
G                         A
But I know what you're about to say
C                   D
Cause you may be whispering
G             A
But in the corner of my head
C                  D
The voice is clear, will you be alright?

Refrain à faire...

D             C
What if we'd bend?
G                            A
Breaking all the promises we made
D             C                G
Juggling whit words 12 hours a day
12 more and my life's away
C                    D
Cause this voice is running in circles
G           A
In a corner of my head
C                     D
Making me dizzy but it feels so right