That is the matter

2008-01-30 17:00:03 (ID: 42, Parent: 37, Type: page)
Title : That is the matter

Author : Pascale Picard
Album : Me Myself and Us
From : forum101

Intro : F

F                            Gm
Watching my favorite reality show
Bb                                              F
Waiting for the commercial to get another Diet Pepsi
I got 5 minutes between two programs,
so I'm already wearing my coat
Bb                                               F
The musical theme starts and I'm running to the grocery

Gm             Bb
Buying my lottery,
Saying to the cashier
Gm                        Bb                       F
I'd better be lucky cause the government steals all my money

F                                              Gm
My teenagers are doing drugs and my girl wears thongs
I called 3 or 4 times to the open lines
to give my point of view about it
F                                                       Gm
I also thought about writing a letter to the prime minister
He has to know that our kids are out of hand
because of rap music

Gm                      Bb                     C
And movies cause if they are violent it's all their fault
They're too young to tell the difference between
Bb            F
fiction & reality

Gm                   Bb                    C
And I don't really remember the day I fell down in the hole
Gm                           Bb           F
But watch me trying to get out of it digging deeper

Gm                            Bb      C
They're trying to sell us a beer that's 99% water
Gm                       Bb           F
The weather is too cold we pay that with our taxes